Project «Censuses in Aragón»

The Cultural Association of Genealogy and History of Aragón AragónGen has among its statutory purposes (Article III. Purposes):

The digitization and recovery of all kinds of archives of genealogical interest, transferring the data obtained to other media that facilitate its conservation and dissemination, creating an Association archive available to associates.

The first work in this area that is being carried out is the dump of electoral censuses and municipal registers from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th. To do this, the partners provide the original content in PDF and its digitized dumps, centralizing in a single database. This supposes a rich documentary patrimony to be able to consult the field of extension of surnames and demographic and social data of the different municipal entities that made up Aragón at that time.

Currently, the dump data is as follows:

  • Censuses already carried out: 2,443
  • Municipal entities included: 960 (all)
  • Number of people registered in the database: 897,261

The distribution of municipalities and entities can be seen in the public census area and the complete content (only for members) in the private area.

The data can also be partially consulted in the public area of Aragóngen.

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