We can mention the following activities of our Association:

  • Genealogical meetings:The first Wednesday of each month we meet in Zaragoza (normally at the Municipal Center of the Central District -C/ Hernán Cortés 33, 1st floor) around 7:00 p.m. Also, although not as an exclusive activity of the Association, some of our members meet in Barcelona (at the Aragón Center in Barcelona). Meetings are currently held via Teams video conference.
  • Studies on Genealogy: The Association is establishing various studies for the standardization and normalization of the ways of collecting data in Genealogy. According to the group from the Aragón Center in Barcelona that took the initiative, a standard for transcription of dumps from parish books and other documents is being finalized.
  • Publications: AragónGen publishes on its website and in print some of the studies carried out by its partners, either individually or by their work groups.
  • Cultural activities: A set of conferences and workshops on our theme is being prepared.
  • Representativeness: AragónGen aspires to be a reference Association in Genealogy and History of Aragón and, therefore, to act in as many forums as experts in the field.
  • Presentation: We have begun to make ourselves known in other similar groups, in the Aragonese press and institutions.
  • Documentation: The private area of ​​our website brings together databases of surnames, towns and documents that can be consulted online by our partners for study. It also presents working and research papers.

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