The Society

The Asociación Cultural de Genealogía e Historia de Aragón or Cultural Society for Genealogy and History of Aragon (AragónGen) was created in January 2006 with the goal of joining efforts and interests among a group of researchers in that field.

Logotipo AragónGen

Our common interests is in genealogy or family history, no only as a simple gathering of names, surnames and dates, but also as a way to study how did our ancestors live, placing them in the framework of our country’s history and culture.

Performing all these tasks is laborious and presents a great number of difficulties. It is in these difficulties, that our society can partially help: joining efforts, knowledge and interests, by means of a representative form that may improve our conditions as non-professional researchers and may help to all who, as ourselves, are getting started in this fascinating science.

The Society has been registered in the Spanish Associations Registry with number 587230, in the Aragon Associations General Registry with number 07-Z-0406-2006 and in the Census of Civil Entities of Zaragoza 2930 , having our addres at Pano y Ruata Street, 9-11 Bajo in Zaragoza (Spain).

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