The society is organized according to its Statutes, where the main direction bodies and their attributions: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Comissions. Moreover, a set of regulations is being discussed to regulate more precisely the operaton of the organization.

The Ordinary General Assembly meets at least once a year while the Extraordinary General Assembly meets if demanded by the President, the Board of Directors of a 10% of the associates.

The Board of Directors is the permanent body of responsibility and decision. Its current members are:

  • President: Dª. Silvia Montes Domper
  • Vice-president: D. Fernando Jesús Arilla Mur
  • Secretary: Dª. María Alicia Claver Lacruz
  • Treasurer: D. Jesús Soriano Juan
  • 1st Vocal: Dª Pilar Barrutia de Pablo
  • 2nd Vocal: D. Gonzalo Vázquez de Lajudie
  • 3rd Vocal: D. Pedro Roncalés Rabinal
  • 5th Vocal: D. Juan José Paricio Sauco

One of the targets for this year is the creation of work commissions that allow a more distributed and effective organization.

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